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You don't have a Will? You are in the majority!! - Top 5 Reasons why people don’t make a Will.

You don't have a Will? You are in the majority!!

Top 5 Reasons why people don’t make a Will.

1 – “I don’t own much/anything so it’s not worth it/the cost”

  • List what you do own, and its value and you may be surprised how much it adds up to

  • You may not feel you own much/a lot, but who do you want that to go to? Without a Will it may not go to who you want it to

  • If you have children then who do you want to look after them if they were orphaned, without a Will, it is Social Services who will decide this, not you

2 – “Everything will go to my spouse/partner/children anyway”

  • It may not do as you think, as without a Will the laws of intestacy will prevail

  • What do you know about the laws of intestacy?

  • If anyone does miss out due to these laws, how do you think they will feel?

3 – “I’ve never thought about making a Will as I don’t think I need one”

  • This is where we can help you by going through things with you, to establish what you have and what would happen if you don’t have a Will

  • If you die without a Will giving instructions, your family/loved ones will have to sort things out – how do you feel about that? How do you think they would feel?

  • You don’t THINK you need one, but after we have discussed the reasons why you should have a Will you may well change your mind

4 – “I don’t want to talk about death / I don’t want to tempt fate”

  • It can be a sensitive subject, but one which everyone needs to consider

  • Talking about death/making a Will does not mean you will die earlier

  • We understand how you feel, many of our clients have felt that way, but what they have found after making a Will is that it gives them peace of mind that it is done

5 – “I’m not going to die yet so I don’t need one!”

  • No one intends to die early, but no one can tell when this will happen

  • No one has a “crystal ball” to foresee when they will die, but it will happen

  • But if you do die before you intend to, what do you think would happen?

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Let us help.


Life Well Planned

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