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What if I Die Without Making a Will?

Death is such an unmentionable subject that it is not surprising that about 70% of the population risk leaving costly confusion to our loved ones by not making a Will. Most people at some time consider putting their affairs in order, especially with more time on their hands such as whilst in lockdown, but that thought often fades. Procrastination or the common excuses of “I’m too busy at the minute”, or “I don’t plan on dying just yet!” But for many people, the reason they have not made a Will, is because they are not aware of the potential consequences to their family if anything were to happen to them and they assume that everything will be ok. There are laws and rules in place for the procedure if you don't make a Will, and these might not be what you want or expect. The best way to ensure you look after your loved ones and your wishes are carried out is to make a professional drafted Will. Let us help. MiGem Life Well Planned

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